Even though the lyrics kind of ruined my childhood, I can’t deny his talent and creativity.


Toronto Skyline

“Just Another Toronto Skyline”
I know it’s nothing special, it’s just another Toronto skyline photo. For those of you who are tired of seeing the view, I’m sorry, but this is my first time taking one. Continue reading »



Recently I’m trying to get to some web programming as I was always busy for other things and never was able to sit down to learn new things. Even though in the past I had been a faithful user of notepad++(I know programmers would laugh at me for being noobs, but it did all the jobs I needed), I discovered this new text editor, “Sublime Text 2″, and instantly fell in love with it. There are a lot of hot keys that can allow me to operate it with minimum use of mouse, very user friendly, and the colour schemes are very comfortable to my eyes. Anyhow, I’m sure there are more functions I’m yet to find out about this editor, I wanted to give it a plus comment.


Around the beginning of last fall season, I did a portrait shoot for two of my friends, Bonnie and Christie who are best friends with each other. Their bond always seems unbreakable like anime characters, and I envy them sometimes lol. Continue reading »


I’m just sharing this. For those of you who don’t get access to Photoshop easily. Adobe offers free creative suite 2 download.  It’s pretty good in my opinion, I used Photoshop CS2 for the longest time then switched to CS3, CS5 and CS6 just for the convenience. CS2 can do most of the stuff I have done.


So, in the past few weeks when I was resting on my bed and hoping to recover from my cold, I also spent a lot more time on my iPad. One of the new games I started to play on my iPad was “Elements Defenders”.  Continue reading »


It’s obviously as it looks, it’s a parody of Naruto and Sonic! I don’t remember where I got this idea, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else yet, so I call it original lol.

Continue reading »


Sigh, I must say even though I may look like a hardworking person, once in a while I would just get struck down by illness and become very unproductive. In the past two weeks or more (since Christmas), I’ve been feeling extremely sick, my headache was so painful to the point I wish someone could just free me by using a shotgun to head-shot me. And I was vomiting, blowing my nose and coughing like none-stop. Rest, is the only thing I have been doing these days as I’ve been sleeping almost like 10 hours a day. It might all have been as a result of accumulation of my unhealthy living life style. I’m referring to my sleeping and eating schedule that vary everyday. Coupled with very cynical life and worry-some attitude I have (I’m actually not a very forward-looking person). Lacking exercise might be a big reason as well. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how much worse it could get when I grow old, I’m still young, supposedly.


It’s that time again, just like last year I made a post reviewing my 2011, but now I’m too lazy(and sick) to compose a long post like that again so I’ll just let the pictures speak. The slideshow is a mix of my personal and business photos/works, or some in the gray area that I can’t separate. Continue reading »


Happy 2013 everyone! I went to Nathan Philips Square again for the NYE, they added some huge lights there creating all the flares in my photos, but oh well.  I hope everyone had some good times spending their NYE, I had a good one with some of my university friends whom I spent over $50K to meet lol (this was part of our conversation during the dinner).

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